Thursday, January 18, 2018

Duke Box Rock

Duke Box Rock Duke Box Rock
  • Normal hiring hours are between 10am to 6pm. Extension of hire can be negotiated.
  • This castle is suitable for both children and adults of all ages.
  • Impress your friends & party guests with our beautifully hand painted Duke Box Rock theme castle .
  • Numbers of users 6.
  • This castle has a sewn in a rain cover.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • This Castle is PIPA tested.
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Additional Info

  • Length: 5.35m (17.5 Feet)
  • Width: 5.2m (17.1 Feet)
  • Height: 4.2m (13.9 Feet)
  • Price: From £95
  • Please Note: You will need 2ft either side of the castle for pegging, plus 5ft at the back for the blower unit, and 5ft at the front for safety mats.